Airbus to Present Wingman Concept for Sixth-Gen Fighter at ILA Berlin 2024

June 4, 2024 @ 06:49 AM

Airbus is set to showcase its Wingman concept at the upcoming International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) in Berlin from June 5 to 9. The concept, designed to augment the capabilities of manned combat aircraft, involves the use of unmanned fighter-type drones commanded by pilots in existing combat aircraft like the Eurofighter

Kongsberg to Supply JSF Missile For F-35 Jets of Norway, US Air...

June 3, 2024 @ 08:51 AM

Kongsberg has secured a contract with the United States Air Force (USAF) for supplying Joint Strike Missiles (JSM) for the F-35A aircraft. The contract, valued at up to $141 million, extending until August 2026, encompasses production of all up JSM rounds, containers, and test equipment, with specific quantities undisclosed

Turkey’s Bayraktar TB3 UAV Completes Ski-Jump Test for TCG Anadolu Carrier

June 3, 2024 @ 08:39 AM

Turkeys Baykar completes Bayraktar TB3 UAV's first ski-jump test, conducted under conditions akin to the TCG Anadolu carrier

Belgium Lays Foundation Stone for Second F-35 Complex

June 3, 2024 @ 08:18 AM

Belgium has commenced construction on its second F-35 complex, with a groundbreaking ceremony taking place at Kleine-Brogel Air Base on May 30. The new complex is being developed to accommodate the forthcoming fleet of F-35A fighter aircraft, which will replace the current F-16 fleet deployed at Florennes and Kleine-Brogel

Mid-air Collision Involving Yak-52 Aircraft at Air Show in Portugal

June 3, 2024 @ 06:55 AM

Tragedy struck the Beja Air Show in southern Portugal on June 2 as two Yak-52 aircraft from the 'Yakstars' aerobatics team collided mid-air during a performance. The collision claimed the life of Manuel Rey Cordeiro, a skilled pilot and the lead solo flyer of the team

China Working on New-Gen Warplane as Successor to J-20

June 3, 2024 @ 06:17 AM

China is actively working on a next generation fighter jet to succeed its J-20 stealth fighter, which is undergoing constant upgrades. This information was recently disclosed by Li Gang, the test pilot who flew the J-20's maiden flight, as reported by China Central Television (CCTV) on Wednesday

Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Performs Barrel Maneuver

June 1, 2024 @ 07:13 AM

Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAV performed a barrel maneuver- a roll in the sky used by fighter jets to escape attacking missiles- claimed to be the first combat UAV in the world to do so. During the maneuver tests, the Bayraktar TB2 followed a spiral orbit, turning a full circle around its axis

Austria, Sweden Get U.S. Nod to Acquire Black Hawk Helicopters

June 1, 2024 @ 03:38 AM

The State Department has approved potential Foreign Military Sales to Austria and Sweden of UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters and related logistical and program support. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of these possible sales

U.S. Army National Guard Orders 12 Gray Eagle 25M Drones

June 1, 2024 @ 03:08 AM

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) announced that the Army National Guard (ARNG) has placed an order for 12 Gray Eagle 25M (GE 25M) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

CAE Secures $250M to Support Canadian Government's MQ-9B SkyGuardian RPAS Program

May 31, 2024 @ 09:25 AM

CAE has announced a contract award from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) to bolster the MQ-9B SkyGuardian Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) acquired by the Government of Canada

CAE Joint Venture Awarded C$11.2B Contract for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training Program...

May 31, 2024 @ 08:37 AM

CAE announced today that its joint venture, SkyAlyne, has been awarded a C$11.2 billion contract spanning 25 years for Canadas Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program

Dutch F-35 Jets to take over Nuclear Bomb Dropping Role Within NATO...

May 31, 2024 @ 07:56 AM

The Royal Netherlands Air Force will transition its nuclear role within NATO from the F-16 to the F-35 on June 1. This move positions the Netherlands as the first European nation to undertake such a transition within the NATO framework