Swedish Air Force to Retire SK 60 Trainer Aircraft in June

May 14, 2024 @ 12:17 PM

The Swedish Air Force will decommission the School Aircraft 60 (SK 60) after over six decades of service with a ceremony at the Air Force Museum in Linköping on June 18. The final class of student pilots trained on the SK 60 will complete their examinations at the Flight School in

Su-57 Jet Deliveries to Russian Air Force with Second Stage Engine in...

May 13, 2024 @ 09:40 AM

Russias Rostec State Corporation is set to deliver Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft featuring the advanced Izdeliye-30 (Product 30) or Second Stage engine. According to Rostec's

Singapore Grounds F-16 Flights Following Crash

May 13, 2024 @ 07:52 AM

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has announced the continuation of its temporary suspension of training flights for its F-16 fleet following a recent crash at Tengah Air Base. This decision will remain in effect until investigations conclude that it is safe to resume operations

South Korea Opens Talks to Export KF-21 Jets to the Philippines

May 13, 2024 @ 06:39 AM

A South Korean delegation attending the DSA-2024 event in Malaysia last week engaged with their counterparts from the Philippines to explore the potential export of the KF-21 fighter jet and submarines, in addition to discussing an increased procurement of FA-50 fighters. According to an official

Malaysia to Order More South Korean FA-50 Jets?

May 13, 2024 @ 05:01 AM

Malaysia is reportedly considering acquiring additional FA-50 combat aircraft from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), one year after purchasing 18 units in the Block 20 configuration. In an official

S.Korean KF-21 Jet Project Cost Reduced, Indonesia Will Get to Pay Lower...

May 12, 2024 @ 05:00 AM

A reduction in the cost of the South Korean KF-21 fighter jet from 8.1 trillion won ($5

Russian Su-57 Shown in Livery of WWII Era La-7 Combat Aircraft

May 9, 2024 @ 05:15 AM

Russia's Rostec has shown the Su-57 stealth fighter in the livery of the WWII era combat aircraft, the La-7, that has the distinction of shooting down Nazi Germany's first jet fighter, the Me-262. On Victory Day, Rostec unveiled this historical livery, paying tribute to the legendary Soviet fighter pilot Ivan Kozhedub

Singaporean F-16 Fighter Crashes During Take-off, Pilot Hurt

May 8, 2024 @ 11:18 AM

A Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) F-16 jet crashed at Tengah Air Base on Wednesday afternoon shortly after take-off, with the pilot successfully ejecting and escaping serious injury. The incident occurred at approximately 12:35 PM local time when the F-16 encountered an issue during take-off, prompting the pilot to initiate emergency procedures, according to a statement from the RSAF

Indonesia Awaits "Accommodating" Conditions to Resume Su-35 Fighter Jet Deal with Russia

May 8, 2024 @ 11:06 AM

Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Jose Tavares has clarified that Indonesia has not terminated its contract to purchase Su-35 fighter jets from Russia but has merely put the deal on hold. Speaking to

China’s AG600 Amphibious Craft Clears Water-Rescue Verification

May 7, 2024 @ 12:06 PM

China's AG600 large amphibious aircraft has completed the initial verification of its water-rescue capabilities, according to Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). An AG600 tech-demonstrator in late April carried out the water-rescue verification at the reservoir of the amphibian Zhanghe Airport in Jingmen in Central China's Hubei province

German Consortium Wins Contract for Franco-German Maritime Airborne Warfare System Study

May 6, 2024 @ 01:30 PM

The German MAWS GbR, a consortium consisting of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH, and Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG, was awarded a contract on April 25, for the second national supplementary study related to the Franco-German Maritime Airborne Warfare System (MAWS) project