China Commissions L-15 Advanced Trainer Jet for Naval Pilots' Training

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  • 12:52 PM, August 14, 2018
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China Commissions L-15 Advanced Trainer Jet for Naval Pilots' Training
L15 advanced jet trainer (Image: AVIC)

China has commissioned its third generation L-15 advanced trainer jet for its People’s Liberation Army Navy pilots’ training based on aircraft carriers.

The Naval Aviation University in Shandong province had held a commissioning ceremony for a new type of trainer jet at an unidentified naval airport along the Bohai Sea, the PLA Navy was quoted as saying in a statement last week by Chinamil Tuesday.

The statement said the aircraft is a third-generation trainer jet developed by the Aviation Industry Corp of China's Hongdu Aviation Industry Group in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

Rear Admiral Wang Jundong, political commissar of the university, was quoted in the statement as saying at the ceremony that the service of the new trainer jet will complement the university's trainer fleet and enable pilots to get more realistic experience for air combat.

Though the statement did not identify the new aircraft, pictures published by the university showed that it is a Hongdu Aviation Industry L-15 advanced trainer jet. At least 12 L-15s were delivered at the ceremony.

According to AVIC, the domestically developed L-15 has two engines, a streamlined aerodynamic design and integrated avionics.

The L-15 has two types - one for advanced jet training and the other for lead-in fighter training, the State-owned defense giant said.

Trainer jets for advanced application teach student pilots how to operate supersonic aircraft and how to carry out sophisticated aerial maneuvers, while those for lead-in fighter training are enhanced versions of advanced jet models and focus on familiarizing trainees with combat maneuvers and skills.

AVIC also noted that the L-15 has a maximum speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour and a maximum flight range of 2,600 km.

Before the L-15, the PLA Navy lacked a third-generation trainer aircraft, so it had to rely on its second-generation JJ-7 trainer jet and that aircraft's upgraded version, the JL-9, to conduct advanced training for student pilots.

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