T-90 Tank with New Turret, Engine Delivered to Russian Forces

A batch of 15 improved tanks has been handed over to the military
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  • 04:36 AM, December 5, 2023
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T-90 Tank with New Turret, Engine Delivered to Russian Forces
T-90M ‘Proryv’ main battle tank

The Central Military District of Russia has received a batch of 15 upgraded T-90M Proryv main battle tanks featuring new turret and engine.

These tanks are now part of the combat vehicle pools of armored and motor rifle units within the combined arms army of the Central Military District.

The T-90M Proryv is positioned as the most advanced armored vehicle in the T-90 family, offering all-round armor protection, automated fire control, and improved survivability. Notable features include a new 125mm gun capable of firing advanced munitions and missiles, a remotely controlled combat module housing a 7.62mm coaxial machine-gun, and a 12.7mm machine-gun.

The key updates to the T-90M include a fundamentally new turret different from the serial-produced combat module and a more powerful 1,130 hp engine. The tank is equipped with a 125mm tank cannon capable of firing powerful munitions and missiles with a range of 5 km. Additionally, the tank features a new multichannel sight for day and night use and the ability to exchange data with other combat vehicles in real time.

A video released by Uralvagonzavod, a subsidiary of the Rostec corporation, showcases the latest upgrades to the T-90M tank. The modifications are informed by real-world combat experience, including the war in Ukraine, and include dynamic protection over the tank’s tracks, lower front section, and the rear of the hull.

One notable change involves replacing the dynamic armor in the tank’s “soft hull” with blocks housed in more robust containers, aiming to enhance the tank’s overall durability in combat scenarios. Despite improvements in combat effectiveness compared to its predecessor, the T-90M retains a design flaw found in many Russian tanks – the placement of main gun ammunition beneath the turret, posing potential risks in case of an enemy hit to vulnerable areas.

The T-90M Proryv, a product of the Ural Transport Machine Design Bureau, is the most advanced vehicle within the T-90 family, tailored for modern combat conditions. The tanks entered service with Russian forces in the spring of 2020, representing Russia's ongoing efforts to modernize its armored warfare capabilities.

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