Ukrainians Tried to Poison Russian Officers' Whiskey

Earlier, there was an alleged attempt to make the Russians consume poisoned cake
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  • 08:17 AM, December 30, 2023
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Ukrainians Tried to Poison Russian Officers' Whiskey
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Reports have surfaced of a concerted effort to poison Russian soldiers in the specialized military operation zone covering the Kherson and Zaporozhye directions, with the alleged method being the contamination of whiskey.

The Telegram channel "Winged," affiliated with Far Eastern warriors, has reported on the attempted poisoning. Authorities have initiated a search for those involved in the alleged sabotage, suspected to be connected with the use of poisoned whiskey, Russian news outlet wrote Friday.

The channel's message, which has sparked concerns among military personnel, suggests that similar attempts may be made in all Russian-controlled territories. A stern warning has been issued, urging members of the Russian Armed Forces to exercise caution when purchasing whiskey through local suppliers, as there are fears that some may have covert affiliations with Ukrainian special services.

"The enemy, facing a challenging situation on the front, will resort to any means to undermine the combat effectiveness of Russian units," emphasized the message from the Telegram channel. It stressed the need for heightened vigilance among military personnel and a constant state of readiness to fulfill assigned tasks.

The Telegram channel called on individuals concerned about the situation to disseminate information about the attempted poisoning, seeking public awareness and collaboration in addressing the issue.

This alarming incident follows a recent report by aviation blogger Fighterbomber, who detailed a similar attempt during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the graduation from the Armavir Flight School. Military personnel attending the event were targeted as a banquet was prepared, including a 20-kilogram cake and multiple boxes of whiskey delivered by an unfamiliar “well-wisher”. Fortunately, no one consumed the poisoned items, averting a potential catastrophe.

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